Like many of us out there, I am the 'average' woman, I dont count callories, I dont miss out on the nicer things in life when I feel like indulging myself (Yes, I am talking about cake), I am most definitely not that crazy dedicated woman you see running down the street at 6am before she sets off for her workday!

However this also means that I am not the skinny little goddess strutting around in those glorious denim shorts, or the happy beach bunny bronzing herself in her itsy bitsy bikini . . . I am, as my darling man calls me, 'snuggly' and I do have a little 'more to love' than most and although I am happy . . . I feel that there is a whole lot more happiness to be had.

Follow me on my journey towards ultimate Health & Wellbeing. Read along as I battle the bulge, whip my body into shape, transform my habbits and become what I eat (And no, Im not referring to a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk).

Cry with me, laugh with me and watch me glow from the inside out as I transform my life into something I had always dreamed of but let procrastination do his evil little biddings.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

feel the burn

today I encountered an obstacle . . .  something that has never been a problem for me before
 . . . STAIRS 

I got to the bottom of the stairs and I felt as though I were standing at the base of Mount Everest - the sheer thought of having to tackle those bad boys just made me shudder.

but when you gotta wee and the only bathrooms in the house are up those god damn stairs or down another set you soon come to realise that you simply dont have a choice.

I knew that my body would be in a bit of shock once I started getting into my new active life, but never did I think that I would be struggling to hit the stairs after 1 SESSION of squats! Boy must I be in some pretty bad shape

After a yummy breakfast of hummus on rice cakes, an apple and round 2 of my 'delicious' tea it was workout time.

After my struggles with the stairs earlier I was a little apprehensive about my ability to undertake today's workout, but then once I saw the session plan for today I felt a little more at ease. I looked at Hayley May and said "oh, is that it? 30 seconds worth of Baby Burpees, repeated 4 times? No worries!"
Boy was I wrong!

When I searched 'Baby Burpee' on youTube I wasn't expecting anything major, after all it has the word 'baby' in its title, how hard could it be?

For all you fatties out there, who like me, have NO IDEA what a Baby Burpee is, it goes a little something like this . . .

yeah . . . . that was my reaction too . . . . complete and utter fear 
I could feel my body screaming out in pain and I hadn't even put on my workout gear yet - I knew this was going to be an experience

when the moment came and we had already spent the majority of our warmup jogging session expressing over and over again the levels of which it felt like our legs were on fire, the onslaught of baby burpees were simply terrifying.

surprisingly, once you get that body moving and the blood starts pumping it wasn't really all that bad! Don't get me wrong - my boobs were slowly making their way up towards my chin and my hands were slowly gathering more and more of the concrete from underneath me, but on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being "IM GOING TO DIE" . . . I would say it was only about a 4 for "SHIT THIS SUCKS"

all in all, another day of exercise checked off the list and I feel all the better for it

and guess what! the tea wasn't as repulsive this morning - maybe I will conquer the horrid stuff after all

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